Porter & Prince


I’m honored to work with clients at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Sometimes we’re striving to make a great first impression as a business launches or rebrands to capture attention during that critical early engagement. And there are times when a business simply need a “refresh” to bring new energy to their public face, celebrating their foundation clientele but also opening the door to new interest in the desire to evolve and grow. I‘m delighted to have joined forces with Porter & Prince to showcase their unique offerings of luxury linens, sleepwear, clothing, accessories, and fine gifts. In business for more than 20 years they continue to cultivate a brand that is refined and elegant. Their beautifully curated collection of wares invites indulgence, comfort, and restoration, and so those elements took center stage with evocative location images, product photography, fashion photography, and atmospherics. This gallery features some of my favorites.