Photography Services

Successful fashion imagery not only showcases the garment, jewelry piece, or accessory with clarity and purpose, but it also conveys a sense of how one feels while wearing it. Are all the details there? Can you see the item from the necessary viewpoints? Do you get a sense of the materials, quality, and how it rests and moves on the body? Your fashion goods deserve images that communicate the same respect and attention that went into their creation. We’ll work together to create the unique visual story of your brand, and find just the right model and styling for your intended market. Check out the full gallery here.


When we work with Nicole it feels as though we are working with a partner to achieve a combined vision. Her professionalism and attention to detail before, during, and after the shoot shows up in the quality of each photo. She captures the hard work that goes into each piece, and makes our products seem to come to life. Nicole’s ability to put almost anybody at ease before the camera means that we are able to work with models who our customers can relate to, and who already relate to our subject, which gives our images the ring of authenticity. Her background and experience give her not only an eye for a beautiful images, but also an eye towards marketing and branding that makes the work more valuable to us beyond just its beauty, but it its ability to help us tell our story.
— Grace, Echoview