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What first impression do you make on others? How do people FEEL when they meet you? In our highly distracting and visually competitive world it can feel like an insurmountable challenge to reach out (often through a screen) and have a meaningful and memorable encounter that has the potential to grow into a relationship. That initial “hello” is a critical leverage point in communicating passion, personality, skills and expertise. Do you have images that accurately and effectively represent you and your business in a way that invites inquiry and connection?

I view photography as a journey into meaningful moments of growth, evolution, and expansion. Maybe you are starting a business, launching a new program or service, finally revamping your web site or business branding. Or perhaps you are simply ready to fully stand in the light of who you are with a desire to finally be seen and celebrated in all your exquisite complexity. All of these require courage, determination, and an understanding of worth. And I am here to guide and encourage you in that important step forward.

I know you are making a leap with me, and I want you to feel confident and validated in that decision. This is a partnership grounded in mutual respect, trust, and collaboration. We delve deep together well in advance of your session to explore specific needs, preferences, and sensitivities to ensure a completely customized and comfortable process. Once you arrive on set you will feel grounded, connected, cared for and READY. This is not just about creating a useful image bank for you and your business—and we will certainly do that—it’s also an essential component of your journey toward the person and future you want to be and share with the world. The reason my images convey a sense of connection and intimacy is because that is precisely what happens through the process.

This experience extends far beyond photography into a process of personal presence and ownership. My clients feel transformed through their commitment to prioritize themselves as an essential part of their entrepreneurial story. You are here. Now. And you have worked hard and felt deeply to be at this place. I see you.

If you are curious about how big of an impact this process and the resulting images could be for you, I would love to talk with you about the possibilities. Just send me a note to begin the move toward YES.

Above: Ryan-Ashley Anderson, Marketing and Creative Consultant

The quality of the photos, the comfort the session, and the level of professionalism provided from the moment I engaged her services, differentiate her in a huge way in the photography industry. Weeks before the session, Nicole asked meaningful questions and provided thoughtful visual inspiration to be sure she knew exactly what I was looking for from my session and the final results reflected that, indeed, she gave me exactly what I wanted, and more.
— Ryan Ashley Anderson

Above: Virginia Knight, Fashion Historian + Personal Stylist

To say working with Nicole is a dream is an understatement. I’ve never met someone who so beautifully balances professionalism and warmth, and in interacting with Nicole—from the first point of contact to the shoot itself—you can tell you’re in the presence of incredible skill and artistry. I couldn’t be happier with my final images, which are the result of Nicole’s dedication to understanding the needs of her clients and providing them a space to be fully seen. Nicole’s work is unparalleled, and I can’t recommend working with her highly enough.
— Virginia Knight

Above: Jael Rattigan, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of French Broad Chocolates

Nicole McConville is brilliantly creative, a true artist. Having portraits taken has always made me feel self conscious, but Nicole guided me professionally and gently, making me feel attended to and confident throughout the entire experience. I love my headshots!
— Jael Rattigan

Above: Lisa Zahiya, Life and Entrepreneurship Coach + Teacher + Speaker

I am overwhelmed by the quality and professionalism of both working with Nicole and the photos. She goes above and beyond in preparing for the shoot, not just understanding what you want but how you will use it. She works hard to understand the mood and intention for each shot. During the shoot, you will be immediately at ease and she gives clear direction and puts you, as the subject’s comfort as a priority.
— Lisa Zahiya

Above: Lauren Fischer, Owner + Web Designer + Digital Marketer at LR Design & Marketing

Working with Nicole was a complete joy all the way around! From the moment I showed up for my photoshoot, she was made sure I was comfortable and went above and beyond for me. The photos I received from our time together were fabulous, creative and extremely high quality. Working with Nicole for professional photography was hands down one of the best investments I’ve made for my business!
— Lauren Fischer

Above: Casey Overcash Nifong, Owner + Senior SEO Consultant at Mountain Laurel Digital

As a new business owner I not only have a passion for my brand, but a longterm vision for a particular future. I described all this to Nicole and she was not only a strategic listener, she also helped me understand how to present an accessible presence in my photos. Nicole made me feel confident about not only my photos, but the future of my business. When you work with Nicole she becomes more than a photographer, she’s becomes your art director, brand enthusiast and friend. I’m overwhelmingly proud of all my brand imagery because it represents who I am as a business and who I will become.
— Casey Overcash Nifong

Above: Carley Lee, Creative Director at Long Live Simple

When I needed updated portraits taken for my business, I knew exactly who I wanted to work with. Nicole was professional, observant, calming, and detailed. She helped me feel completely relaxed and allowed me to be myself in front of the camera. So inspired by the philosophy behind her work! Nicole uses natural light for all her photos, and I was highly impressed by her expert eye for composition.
— Carley Lee

Above: Martina Barnes, Transformational Coach + Psychotherapist + Speaker

Nicole’s work is spectacular! I am thrilled beyond words, not only in terms of the outstanding photos she took, but the entire experience from her demeanor to her professionalism, business savvy skills, artistry and welcoming warmth. I have had many many professional headshots taken over the years. I always thought I was non-photogenic until I worked with Nicole. She truly captured my essence; who I am.
— Martina Barnes

Above: Karolina Dróżdż, Online Marketing Specialist

I had an Artful Headshot Session with Nicole and I loved it. She was very professional, and at the same time very personal and I felt her full attention and commitment to our time together. It was a lot of fun and I love the photos!
— Karolina Dróżdż

Above: Micah Pulleyn, Event + Film Production at Catalyst Collaborations

Above: Ashley Capps, James Beard Award Semifinalist + Pastry Chef at Buxton Hall


Above: Jen Aly, Business Coach for Creatives at Jen Aly Coaching

Nicole made me feel very comfortable, relaxed, and confident. I was nervous about getting the details perfect. She was very professional helping me understand the process and hot to communicate what I was wanting out of the shoot. She had great feedback on wardrobe choices and great resources that made my photo shoot perfect. She was so good at gently coaching me into natural and interested poses. I couldn’t be happier with images and she over delivered in every way. I highly recommend working with her.
— Jen Aly

Above: R. Brooke Priddy Conrad, Dressmaker and Designer at Ship to Shore


Above: Lilian Childress, Licensed Professional Counselor

Nicole began my portrait work long before picking up the camera. Her smart questions and perceptiveness, her warm authenticity and deep empathy drew out the real me. Behind the camera, her brilliant eye and top-notch technical skill produced irreplaceable photos. Thanks to Nicole, prospective clients will see my soul when they look at my website.
— Lilian Childress

Above: Sarah Poet, Personal and Couples Coach + Consultant + Teacher at Embodied Breath

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