River Island Apothecary

Some collaborations are simply meant to happen. With a longtime interest in herbalism and natural health I longed to find an opportunity where my personal interests and business opportunities could overlap.  Enter Katie Vie, a self described "sensualist," highly respected massage therapist, and passionate expert and teacher in aromatherapy. Our paths crossed just as she was trying to bring renewed attention to her line of hand-blended botanicals, River Island Apothecary. She sought new imagery to showcase her product line while also wanting to expand her presence on social media, both creative challenges I was thrilled to accept.

What we created was a visual look that is accessible while maintaining the handmade touch, interwoven with a spirit of magic, intention, and ritual.

River Island Apothecary's line of anointing oils was our starting point. Crafted from jojoba oil and essential oils, these they are offered in a collection of seven archetypes that honor the complex facets of women. Featured in ritual or simply put upon the body as perfume, they are to be used to evoke and embody the spirit they represent. I chose to create composed still life assemblages with mindfully collected components (tarot cards, specimens, ephemera) that honor each archetype's nature. The rest of the product line--from the bestselling Green Man Beard & Skin Oil and Immortelle Facial Serum to the Magnifiscent Cream and Muscle Melt--were featured in images that find unity between light and darkness with accents of natural elements including ingredient components, flowers, moss, and evergreens. My studio was a constant parade of scents and potions, and I was in heaven.

Please do show some support to Katie's wonderful line of products at her Etsy store HERE, and follow her over on Facebook and Instagram. You'll find more beautiful images of her careful, intentional work there in coming weeks and into the future.