Working with businesses to help develop and grow their visual identity in our modern, social media driven landscape has become a real passion for me. How thrilling it is when those businesses have such a strong foundation of integrity to their work. I have teamed up with Echoview, a local farm, fiber mill, and manufacturer of fine goods to create a wealth of new images as they focus on rebranding and expansion efforts. Their rich and growing collection of products include sustainably sourced yarns and knitting kits, luxurious knit home goods such as blankets and pillows, and wearables from shawls to socks. 

It's absolutely thrilling to photograph beautiful products and collaborate with bright and motivated people. When I am blessed with clients that have a foundation grounded in making smarter and more sustainable choices for us and our planet my enthusiasm ramps up to a new level. Photographing products with such a sense of quality, intention, and honesty has been an honor.

Are you a maker or business owner wanting to add visual power to your brand? Are you eager to bring what you love to a wider audience? Whether you're seeking artful head shots, customized product photography, lifestyle images that help tell your unique story, or a helping hand navigating and leveraging visuals with social media tools, I'd like to help. 

Check out more about Echoview and the people are stories behind their work HERE and in this wonderful feature in Our State magazine.