I am immensely grateful for repeat clients. It shows a deep mutual investment, one rooted in collaboration and trust. We're able to work together using a kind of creative shorthand, building upon a foundation already solidly in place. Faryn Davis of Fernworks makes exquisite little wearables worlds. And while she creates her own fabulous simplified product images she understands the value in showcasing her work as it would be worn on the body. How does that chain fall upon the neckline? What is the scale of those earrings as they dangle above the shoulders? How might these pieces be worn in one's everyday life? That's where I come in. Through our partnership we create a visual language that conveys her line's consistent style, wearable elegance, and one-of-a-kind magic.  

One of the things I Iove most about Fernworks jewelry is the feeling of intention showcased in the ways the pieces are made (artifacts and magical scenes captured in resin) and the way individual pieces seem to find their way to the right person. What if we were to cast off the negative things we wear -- the myths of our self, the internal voices of challenge, the threads of doubt and fear -- and instead wore mystical cloaks of intention. I think jewelry can serve as powerful talismans, reminders of our goals and dreams. 

View more Fernworks HERE   Model: Rachel Stack