Taylor: In Bloom


In life, business, and art we sometimes find ourselves at a pivot point. Those times of change, evolution, and growth can feel simultaneously thrilling and uncomfortable … like any big leap. Artist Taylor Lee came to me at a point when she felt she was shifting her overall aesthetic into a quieter and more authentic place while using that as an opportunity to rebrand her web presence. Her paintings of flowers are powerful and emotive, imbued with a spirit of intentionality. Taylor and I worked together combing careful preparation with a brushstroke of spontaneity to create a rich image bank to help fuel her business during a time of exciting change. Her extended session included portraits that offer a sincere view of her and her personality, in-process documentary style glimpses into her studio, and impactful styled vignettes of her floral inspiration combined with some of her favorite tools and materials. Read more about Taylor and her work HERE.