Line + Color

Time and time again I am reminded of the vital importance of action. Turning toward the act of creation can be empowering. Make something. Connect with another through the joyful act of play. Dig deep and explore that very pulse that inspired you to become a maker / doer in the first place. I always make space for personal projects for this very reason, as they provide me with a deep sense of purpose that I can carry with me into my client work. The two sessions showcased here feature DJ and electronic music producer Marley Carroll. My intention was to experiment with mundane materials to achieve beautiful, artful results. In the first set images taken recently I created a simple set of pulled and restrained yarn to imbue the images with a sense of tension. In the other set of images taken exactly one year ago I shot through sheets of clear colored cellophane to experiment with the idea of concealment and revelation. I hope that you enjoy the results as much as we enjoyed creating them. If you have your own ideas you wish to see made into reality remember this importance of play.