French Broad Chocolate


I’ve been a fan of French Broad Chocolate for more than a decade and have watched it continuously grow and evolve over the years into one of the most respected and celebrated businesses in my community and in their industry. One can partake in their numerous decadent offerings—chocolate bars and truffles, brownies and cookies, cakes and more—through their popular Chocolate Lounge, a place where chocolate and community converge; their new Chocolate Factory, offering daily tours of their small-batch production; and their soon to be opened Creamery, showcasing a variety of locally-sourced and inspired ice cream. Integrity is woven into every aspect of their business, from direct and mindful sourcing of ingredients (including direct relationships with farmers and suppliers) and the way they build community through their commitment to quality, creativity, and gratitude. As a certified B Corporation they meet the highest standards to help build a more sustainable path while redefining what success in business can be. French Broad Chocolate offers a transparent bean-to-bar process that is not only admirable but delicious. Read all about their story and order some of their amazing chocolates for yourself or someone you love HERE.