C&Co: Natural Skincare with Integrity


In my business most clients find me through word of mouth, social media, or seeing my work out in the world. They seek me out with a resonant knowing that we’ll likely be a good fit. There are also select clients that *I* seek out for that very same reason. I’ve been following the great work of C&Co for some time now, and listened to my own instinctual pull to reach out to them. They possess a deeply rooted passion for creating handcrafted skincare products made in small batches using plant-based raw organic ingredients while still remaining affordable. What an honor it was to provide product photography for their line in a way that showcases this integrity and quality while providing them with a rich bank of images that will help tell their story as their business grows. 

My own personal journey toward welcoming healthier, more natural options into my life has been one way I’ve been able to show care and respect for my body and the planet. Like many things these actions take shape in small choices that accumulate into a larger wave of change. I like to think that when I’m photographing products like these I’m also capturing these important threads of intention. 

Do YOU own a business that could benefit from quality, impactful images? If you're ready to push your own visuals to a higher level feel free to send me an email. I'd love to work with you!

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