Food + Beverage

Photography Services

Culinary stories are as unique as the people behind them, and I seek to showcase their intention and beauty, from sourcing and creation to display and delicious enjoyment. I approach the subject with that same respect and individualized care I would if it was a person before my lens. If you have a food or beverage based product or business ready for its visual celebration that capture its singular lineage, flavor, and personality please reach out. Let’s tell that story together. Check out the full gallery here.

Nicole listens with intention and in so doing, helps clients articulate and define their vision. She is also incredibly generous in presence and thoughtfully shares her advice from years of experience in publishing and other disciplines when she perceives they will help her clients broadly. So in working with her, her clients are not simply hiring a photographer who provides beautiful images, but someone who can help them refine their vision of a business or a personal statement and facilitate integrity in image, media engagement, physical reality, and the culture of or around an organization, product, or project.
— Susannah, OWL Bakery