Studio Couples Session

Some weddings are huge, decadent spectacles with more than a year of planning while others are intimate affairs shared with just closest family and friends put together quickly but still somehow at exactly the right time. While a small courthouse wedding can still be the stuff of dreams, its pared down approach may not include artful professional photography. And so about two months after exchanging vows I captured this very special time and the loving connection between this lovely couple in an intimate studio session. Why the studio? I wanted ALL of the attention to be focused on their unique beauty and connection without distraction. The clean, minimalist approach allowed for a bright open feel and a quiet sensibility that suited the couple and my own creative leanings. And since the couple met (and sparks flew!) at a dance party, the studio was a great setting to allow room for a little salsa entanglement. The images you see here feature select favorites from our session. The couple wore their wedding outfits, adorned themselves with simple fresh blooms, and allowed themselves to be truly seen.

Floral Hair Pin + Boutonniere: Shady Grove Flowers