Mary Frances Flowers Jewelry


There is a lot of trust exchanged between photographer and client, particularly when the task at hand is to help create a visual identity for one's business. Mary Frances Flowers launched her jewelry business years ago, but she had yet to enlist professional help with model photography. Capturing the right aesthetic and mood was key. What a wonderful process it was to showcase the wearability and elegance of her work with gorgeous model Jackie as our muse. The images we created aim to demonstrate the wearability of the work and the effortlessness in which they rest upon the body, all with a bright, clean sensibility. You can find detail images of the entire collection are viewable on her site.

Mary Frances starts her pieces in wax or as natural objects (ex: turtle shell, porcupine quill, birch bark). Those original pieces are then cast into metal and then finalized with little touches.

While we utilized her entire line of jewelry in the shoot, our primary focus was to highlight her Spring 2016 collection, The Pantone Collection, inspired by this year's shared colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity. Each piece of jewelry is offered in three color ways: solid sterling silver with blue lace agate stones, yellow gold over silver with rose quartz stones, and rose gold over silver with white howlite stones. Each piece is named after an inspiring woman in her life, from dear friends to family members. There is also a line of detachable, interchangeable tassels that can be clipped onto specific earring and necklace pieces in the collection. 

View the Spring 2016 collection and all of Mary Frances Flower's work on her freshly updated site HERE.