Rethink Head Shots

It wasn't long ago that I had an epiphany that helped me realize that I could approach head shots MY way with the same creativity and passion I give to all my work. Now I absolutely love providing clients with images they can use to connect with others. Head shots provide an opportunity to communicate who you are. Are you calm and approachable? Do you bring a sense of warmth and accessibility? Are you a joyful presence helping those around you relax? Do you convey a sense of confidence and professionalism? During my artful head shot sessions it's my job to try and capture any number of character traits and instill them into an image. In the process I learn so much about my extraordinary clients and the good work they seek to perform in the world. I collaborate in advance with each client to pinpoint their specific goals and preferences. Creative individuals within community help to fuel and lift each other. 

Are you looking for a new public face for your brand, business, or passion? Let's work together to make sure you're giving the best first impression possible.

TOP (L to R): Catherine Campbell of Bright Planning, Susannah Gebhart of OWL Bakery, Kathryn Grover of Hanami Tea, Erin Durham of History Boutique Films

MIDDLE (L to R): Rose McClarney, Kirsten Stolle, Eva Magill-Oliver, Ash Sierra of Ritual Botanica

BOTTOM (L to R): Jodi Rhoden, Sarah Nicole Snyder of Formation of Mental Objects, Dani W. Fake, Bess Baird of Bess Books