A New Approach to Head Shots

As a portrait photographer one of my main interests is in capturing intimacy of character in my subjects. I seek to reveal the light within.

When I started to be approached with inquiries for head shots I honestly wasn't sure it was a good fit for my skills and interests. But then I reevaluated my own definition of what a head shot actually is. Aren't we all trying to communicate who we are, what we stand for, and what we have to offer to an increasingly visual world? Head shots, if done well, can serve as invaluable tools for creative individuals to communicate who they are to their clients and community. Shouldn't the process of producing those images merit the same personalized, custom care that I give to all of my portrait clients? And that's the moment where I got excited.

And with that shift I have been enjoying folding this work into my repertoire this past year. It has allowed me to connect with some truly remarkable artists and entrepreneurs while providing them with a public "face" to best represent them and their businesses online and in print. By connecting with them, I have helped them connect with others.

In that spirit I wanted to share select images from a recent session I had with Erin Derham, an extraordinary oral historian and documentary filmmaker. She came to me seeking an update to her public image. Through several conversations on her needs and preferences and a delightful afternoon shoot we came up with a variety of options that she can use for her web site and social media but also as she appears at film festivals and professional conferences. Be sure to check out Erin and her work here.