New Beginnings: Moving Past Fear and Toward Possibility

What would you do if you could follow your passions, turning away from fear and toward possibility? Many of us have clung desperately to stability and comfort when it may not be the best path longterm. Indeed, taking risks in the unknown can leave us vulnerable. Stripping away the expected and seemingly stable can result in a barrage of questions about identity, purpose, and direction. When facing that shift, one has the choice between fear and optimism. I have recently decided that life is a lot more enjoyable choosing the latter of the two. 

Photography has grown to be an absolutely essential compass for me over time but particularly during this most profound year of personal change. It has helped me see the world with entirely new eyes and given me a sense of knowing that feels profoundly grounding. My desire to simultaneously give in to and harness its seductive power has grown stronger than ever. It has fueled me with courage and ferocious creativity.

And so I am propelling my love for photography into a brand new business. And I am so very excited to push the limits of my creative potential, work with a vast array of clients, and share some of those experiences here with you. 

Follow your instincts. Take a chance.